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What Kind of Wordsmith Are You?

A word miner?

Searching for words in deep dark deep caves

Turning coal into diamonds

Exploring dolomite quarries

in writing fragments or waves

Searching for your unique rockface.

A word junky?

Scratching, scrambling, begging all-day

The streets and alleys of the mind crave

words that can state a foggy case

From a smoky joint barfed is

the best word cracked from slumber’s maze

Word-a-holic overdoses on craft.

A word collector?

Jotting down words that other’s mention

Collecting words from signs, books, magazines,

and Internet connections

Used words and phrases - your best bargain deals

Words clutter the journals;

few have any creative appeal.

A word crafter?

Creating novel words from ideas,

concepts, and slang – an artists at work

Weaving spellings and meanings together

like a quilter’s mosaic bursts

Abstract artist, cartoonist, sketcher,

Original works created by you first.

A word whisperer?

Natural bond with the words she speaks

Mysterious trickster with words,

born able to hear them breathe

Can wave them like a wand and cast enchanted spells

Words are the real black magic,

when the word whisperer shares tales.

A word catcher?

Put the feather in your cap

Harness the wind of every emotion

when the breeze under your wing flaps

The dreams you deem are real, come

to life with the stroke of a pen

You know the end, before the beginning

and your dreams are as real as Tao’s Zen.

A word dreamer?

Capture words heard deep in sleep

Waking up at 3:00 am. to ink the spins

Haunting R.E.M. – too good to let vanish

No memory graveyard can let them run

Tossing and turning – what does this dream mean?

Just write the words down, figure it out later if you can

Could be useful in the next scene you slam.

A word drifter?

Whatever the boat floats at any time and place.

Wherever the train stops – no plan, rhyme, reason, case

However, the plane flies, through rain, snow, sleet, hail.

Whoever you are at the moment,

you’ll take it and write from that rail.

Traveling without a vision or mission – constantly derailed.

A word gardener?

Planting the seeds in deep rich soil.

Nurturing it daily with nutrients, water, love.

Pruning it regularly, even speaking out loud.

Weeding it of and pruning brings out the best

In what is produced.

Your produce will make you proud.

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