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The Weeping Wasteland

A weeping wasteland of tears assembles

at the crown of their heads

and oozes down their horrified faces.

These folks are struggling to survive.

Life births death in this perpetual cycle of struggle.

Tired sunken expressions are ghostly and weary.

The sun devours the bare skin of both

the survivors and the dead.

No relief is in sight.

There are sounds of mourning from morning to night.

A wicked killing curse consumes everything.

Rusted metal soot and hot dust sabotaged

the throats of the innocent.

Moms shield their babies from

the trauma of this hell on earth.

They taught their children that paradise

dwells at the mother’s feet.

The parents try to piece together heaven

out of shrapnel and crumbled homes.

Dismal cesspools of sorrow invade

hollow stomach pits that the enemy gutted

using hate as a weapon of choice.

This population had been settled there for years.

Their lives were prosperous, colorful, and good.

The word “settled” is now an unsettling term.

It’s up for interpretation,

depending on who is in control.

The stench and residue of a vile history

chain countless bodies to insecurity.

Wars between nations occur,

but this cruel pattern of oppression

and resettlement undermines the sanctity of existence.

There was once hope for peace.

Now, an ocean of bondage, extermination,

and doubt is a solemn omen.

Decades of persecution leave lasting scars.

Eyes can’t hide what man’s ancestry reveals.

The combat gaze can’t erase

what the divine has ordained.

The cries of the oppressed may fill every corner

of the world, but God will still have the final say.

He can make all things new.

We pray for the victims of warfare daily.

KEYWORDS: War And Peace, Love Everyone, Healing Journey

100% 100% Human Generated with Grammarly editorial assistance.

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