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Our Sweet and Creamy Navy Bean Pie Mix™ is coming soon. This product places you in the baker's seat. It contains a carefully selected blend of exotic flavors and natural spices along with hand-ground and sifted navy beans.

The ingredients contained in the product of fresh and of the highest quality. Preserving a perfect balance between taste, texture, and creaminess is the hallmark of this light, golden, creamy and sweet dessert. 


Intisar's Sweet and Creamy Navy Bean Pie Mix™ gives you the opportunity to reduce extra fat, salt, lactose ingredients.  Using butter in your recipe eliminates trans fat. 


Intisar's Sweet and Creamy Navy Bean Pie Mix™  directions are easy to follow. IOnce it comes out of the oven it is best to allow the pie to cool down before slicing. Although the pie's aromas will make you want to dive right in, allow the pie to cool down a bit. When firm your navy bean pie slice will be just right. . . More importantly, you will experience the perfect bite! You will find that the pie is even better the next day.


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Renay Intisar Jihad, Creator

Intisar's Sweet and Cream Navy Bean Pie Mix 

Intisar's Sweet and Creamy  Navy Bean Pie Mix