Essential Educational Service and Products

Intisar's Gourmet Desserts

Renay Intisar Jihad, Owner 

Essential Educational Service and Products

Renay Intisar Jihad, Owner 


Our mission is to share human, material and online educational resources with those visitors who are life-long learners.

If you are interested in living a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle, spend some time checking out our resources.


The offerings are updated regularly. Sharing free books to young, avid, and curious readers, on a regular basis, is a priority.


New teachers in need of support with English language arts lesson planning and implementation will find the lesson plans user-friendly and adaptable especially for addressing the needs of middle school, reluctant learners.


Working with other like-minded educators help drive the thrust to support dedicated teachers with limited resources and funds. 


Now available! Intisar's Instant Navy Bean Pie Mix. ​

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